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Wegwijs Amsterdam

helps you find the way to suitable psychological help

What can Wegwijs Amsterdam do for you?

The road to help for psychological problems is not an easy one. It is difficult to gain an overview of possibilities within the field of mental health care. Often there are also long waiting times. That is why we offer care guidance: we help you find treatment in the mental health care system in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no place and you still end up on a waiting list. Then we want to look with you at what you can do to start your recovery. We call this waiting time guidance. We work together with Arkin, Mentaal Beter, GGZinGeest, general practitioners and GGZ practice nurses. In addition, Arkin also provides support and coordination in the implementation of our initiative.

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Who can use our services?

Help seekers and relatives

Maybe you came to us through your GP or an institution, maybe you found us yourself. You don’t need a referral and our services are free. We look for a place where you can go earlier. If we can’t find them, we’ll work with you to think about what might help while you wait for treatment. There is also an offer for relatives if necessary. And we want to know if you have problems in other areas of your life.

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Referrers & Employers Consultation GGZ

We can look for another place with patients who end up on a long waiting list after your referral. If that doesn’t work, we can discuss with the patient what might help during the waiting time. We also organize consultations if it is not clear what is going on and what appropriate help can be. We can take complex requests for help to the so-called transfer table.

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Healthcare providers

For institutions and care providers in the free establishment, we can help people on the waiting list, firstly by guiding them to other help. We have an overview of the social map and are looking to connect with the social domain. We can also organize support during the waiting period. We also introduce clients to the so-called transfer tables. This is a consultation in which all institutions are involved, and complex requests for help are discussed. We can also organize consultation.

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